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If you're like most of my readers, you're committed to your family and creating the best home life possible. But the truth is, if you've given up one income to homeschool your kids, you may be struggling to make ends meet. That's why I wrote this special report, The 9 Best Business Ideas for Homeschool Moms, in which I help you design the best business to complement your family's goals. There's only one way to get it—by subscribing to my weekly blog updates here:

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Join me in Mompreneur Masterclass BETA!

I’m super excited to share with you about a new opportunity out on the horizon, but that you can join today as a BETA member. It’s called Mompreneur Masterclass! I’m assembling a group of amazing women to help me beta launch a membership group that will provide weekly encouragement through coaching, training webinars, and access to my own successful files and templates.

Mompreneur Masterclass Beta

As women who are growing up our businesses while growing up our kids, we need to be strategic and get the most out of every hour we work. I want to help you be successful in your business, but even more so, I want to help you succeed in life.

We are each on a journey to figure out this life that includes growing up a business while growing up our kids. It’s an amazing journey, but it can also be fraught with confusion and loneliness. That’s why Mompreneur Masters is here! To clear the confusion and so that we can link arms with one another for this incredible ride!

You are uniquely gifted to do magnificent things, but together, we grow stronger, more resilient, more focused, more determined. I will help you win at business, but more importantly, I want you to win at life. I want you to become the best version of yourself – a brilliant entrepreneur, an encouraging mom, and a joy-filled woman. Together, we’ve got this!

Me + You + Community = Success

I’m also going to be teaching you some things – some technical, some tactical, some conceptual, some philosophical. Everything I teach boils down to these two ideas – Efficiency and Effectiveness. When you are both efficient and effective in business, you have more time and more energy for more important areas of your life – especially, your family!

So, are you ready to do this? I am!

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BETA enrollment closes on Monday, June 5th!