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Behind the Scenes of a Re-Launch, Part 2

Behind the scenes

How I Manage 5-Figure Launches

Last week, I shared with you the tools that I use to create and manage my launches for new products, courses, and curriculum. I’m no wizard. When I pull back the curtain, you can see that behind the scenes I use ordinary tools that have been proven to deliver predictable results.

Here is my list of tools:

  1. Infusionsoft
  2. LeadPages
  3. Keynote
  4. ATR2100 Mic
  5. Screenflow
  6. Vimeo / Youtube
  7. WebinarJam
  8. Facebook ads

In Part 1, I walked you through how I use the first five tools on the list and I mentioned that of them all, I am especially fond of Leadpages because it delivers great results and cuts my workload in half, at least. Because I love Leadpages so much, I have teamed up with Tim Paige of Leadpages to bring you a special live training on The Conversion Training. I hope you will join us! You can sign up here:

Behind the scenes with Leadpages

We have 3 more tools to cover to finish our list of best tools and best practices.

Behind the Scenes with Youtube and Vimeo

As you probably know already, these are both video hosting platforms. When I am creating free videos that I want as many people as possible to see, I generally use Youtube. Once you create an account there, you can publish your finished video directly from Screenflow or Camtasia. However, I also have an account at Vimeo and this is why. I also create videos using the same process that I described in Part 1 for members-only courses. Vimeo provides the security and privacy options to create videos that cannot be shared. Screenflow allows you to publish directly to Vimeo as well. The process is both easy and slick.

Once your video has been uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo, you can click to view it. At this point, you can copy the unique embed code for the video and paste it into your Leadpage.

These are the exact steps that I take to create all 3 of my video landing pages, which you can see here:

Behind the Scenes with Webinar Jam

Some people use video sequences for their launches and others use webinars. However, I find that if I have the time to do both, I can use each platform strategically to reach more people and connect better with my ideal customers.

Typically, I teach through video and I engage through webinars. Webinars are the perfect avenue for hosting a question and answer session. You can also do this through Facebook Live, but I like the structure of a webinar platform for this purpose.

Online business better for homeschool moms

After researching all of the webinar options out there, I chose Webinar Jam, which I have grown to love. Webinar Jam has all the features I am looking for in a webinar platform, plus it integrates with my email service provider and allows me to display an offer during the webinar.

If you are planning to host a webinar, read my blog post on How a Rookie Can Run a Webinar to read more about the ins and outs of choosing a webinar service and the basics of running a webinar.

Behind the Scenes with Facebook Ads

I am a firm believer in Facebook ads. Facebook has made it clear that you have to “pay to play” but their advertising service is so robust. Facebook gives you many targeting options so that you can specifically target exactly who you want reach with your ad.

For my last launch, I initially targeted groups of people who have interests in both homeschooling and entrepreneurship to watch my 3-part video series. Then, once I had set up the webinar registration page for the Q&A session, I retargeted the people who had watched the videos. This way, the people that showed the most interest in my content were reached twice.

Online business better for homeschool moms

There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to Facebook ads, but if you are serious about reaching your target audience through Facebook, then it is worth taking the time to learn more about Facebook ads. My friend, Laura Ball, offers a class for this sole purpose. You can check it out here:

While I realize that this has been an overview of the tools I use behind the scenes of my launch and not a deep dive into any of them, you can expect more deep dives coming up as I continue to share the business tools, tips, and tricks that I have learned to make my launches successful.

Now you tell me… Which of these 8 tools will you try first? Comment below!