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Behind the Scenes of a Re-launch, Part I

Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes of the Re-Launch of Mompreneur 101

If you’ve been reading this blog or following me online for the last few months, you know that I just re-launched my business course for homeschool moms, Mompreneur 101. I now have the privilege of teaching a new group of students. I love teaching everything I know about business. So, in this blog post and the next, I’m going to take you behind the scenes to show you how I pulled off a 5-figure launch.

Behind the scenes

First, I will list the tools that I used and then I will explain how I used them to create a successful launch for my course. I should mention that I use these tools every time I launch a new product, whether it be a book, curriculum, online app, or course:

  1. Infusionsoft
  2. LeadPages
  3. Keynote
  4. ATR2100 Mic
  5. Screenflow
  6. Vimeo / Youtube
  7. WebinarJam
  8. Facebook ads
Behind the Scenes with Infusionsoft

The very first thing I do is map out a campaign in Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft is not the only email service provider that gives you the ability to create a campaign. You can use Aweber, Drip, or ConvertKit to accomplish the same thing. There are probably others as well, but I can recommend these based on my own experience or from the experiences of friends.

The campaign map is basically a series of actions that someone may take to enter and move through my marketing funnel. Creating a campaign like this allows me to send emails written specifically to people based on their actions:

Behind the scenes with Infusionsoft

Don’t let this image scare you away because the rest of this how-to article gets way more user-friendly. Infusionsoft looks a little confusing on the outside but functions really slick on the inside (most of the time, anyway.)

Behind the Scenes with LeadPages

Every landing page that I used for the re-launch of Mompreneur 101 I created with LeadPages. Let me list a few here and then I’ll explain how I created these:

And the best part is that I didn’t have to create any of these pages from scratch. I used templates that LeadPages provides to their customers without any additional fees. Plus, I can clone a page, such as the one for video 1 above, to create nearly identical pages for video 2 and video 3.

Behind the scenes with Leadpages

If I were pressed to say which tool saved me the most time and effort and contributed the most to the beauty of my launch of Mompreneur 101, I would have to say Leadpages. Hands down, the templates and cloning make creating landing pages a snap. I cannot say enough about Leadpages.

In fact, I love this tool so much that I am co-hosting a webinar with Tim Paige of Leadpages. He is going to show my readers how extremely nifty and robust this tool actually is. Register for next week’s webinar here. It will be on Thursday, March 9th at 11:00am PST (2pm EST). Here’s the link:

Behind the Scenes with Keynote and Screenflow:

I create presentation slides in Keynote because I have a Mac, but PowerPoint works too. I use Canva to create presentation graphics and then I load them into my Keynote presentation. To create my videos, I use Screenflow (because I have a mac; use Camtasia with a PC) to record myself going through my presentation in full screen mode. I use the ATR2100 mic, which I bought on Amazon, because it is inexpensive and yet records quality, crystal-clear sound. I highly recommend this microphone.

This process for creating videos is simple enough for anyone to learn how to do. I guess that is why I love it so much. Another feature of Screenflow that I really like is the ability to publish directly to Vimeo or Youtube from right within the software.

And on that note, I will pick up where I left off with Youtube and Vimeo next week for Part II of Behind the Scenes of the Re-Launch of Mompreneur 101. Look for my email. 🙂

And be sure to sign up for the LeadPages webinar with Tim Paige and me. We will be talking about The Conversion Journey: 5 Steps to Generating More Leads and Sales through a High-Converting Marketing Funnel.

Behind the scenes with Leadpages

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