skyrocket business

And how you can tap into this potential energy too.

This month marks 16 years.

This week marks the 16th anniversary of our business, Knowledge Quest. I can remember that day well, when my husband took hold of both of my arms, looked me square in the eyes, and said, “Terri, my love, you need to do this! I am 100% for you and think you will be an amazing business woman.”

That kind of support is special, I know. And yet, when it comes from our spouses (or parents, or siblings, or best friends), we often dismiss it and think to ourselves, “yeah, I know my husband believes in me, but does anyone else? Just because he thinks I’ll do great as a business owner doesn’t mean I will be.”

Right? Have you ever said these words to yourself…

Well, it’s been 16 years of riding this roller-coaster of emotions, product creation, marketing, and ultimately, a business that has been our sole income. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

business can be a roller coaster

(The Giant Dipper on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Fun college summer memories…)

But there is one thing I wish I had done earlier, right from the get-go. And that is what I am sharing with you today, so that you won’t wait as long as I did. Doh! Continue reading The #1 Thing that has Skyrocketed my Business

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Rock Facebook Live

Who’s afraid of Facebook Live?

I know that feeling well. Breath comes more rapidly. The inability to swallow. Eyes darting from side to side looking for an escape. That’s right, I’m talking about my first Facebook Live. I’ll admit it, I was scared!

Facebook Live

But I finally mustered up the courage to push the little blue “Go Live” button. I stumbled through my poorly prepared speech, experienced a total brain freeze, and bailed out early, glad that no one had actually had time to watch my live performance. Because that is what it felt like to me… a very poorly executed performance.

Since that day, I have grown to love Facebook Live. And I’ve learned so much about it over the past 15 months and somewhere around 30 – 40 Facebook Lives that I have done during that time. This post is to point out some of the things I’ve learned and give you some pointers so that you don’t have to learn the hard way. Continue reading How to Rock Your Very First Facebook Live

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The countdown is ON!

Mark this date on your calendar – July 6, 2017.

The countdown to mompreneur training has begun

Why? Because that is the date that the next free Mompreneur video training series starts. And I am so excited! Being a Mompreneur is both exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. I would say that it is more exhilarating than it is exhausting, but there are definitely elements of both at play.

Are you a mompreneur struggling to manage all the balls you have in the air – all the little details from running a business and raising kids?

Or maybe you are just thinking about this mompreneur life and wondering how you can do it all – raise the kids, maintain the household, and run a business.

I get it. It can look and feel daunting at times. But I’m here to tell you that not only can it be done, but it can be done with grace and energy to spare.

Because as a mom, we need to be sure that we keep our priorities in check. We have been bestowed the amazing gift of motherhood. But we’ve also been bestowed the exhilarating gift of entrepreneurship.

How can these two not only tolerate one another but play exceedingly well together? I’d like to show you how.

I am producing a free 3-part video series coming up on July 6th. Because I am so excited, I am starting the countdown now. 🙂 Sign up on this page to be notified about it. Then mark the date on your calendar so you too can get excited! In this free video training series, I will show you step by step how you can grow up your business while growing up your kids in such a way that no one and nothing gets neglected. I’ll give you my best shortcuts so that you can be both efficient and effective as you tackle your to-do list.

I can’t wait for July 6th! Are you excited yet? Click the button on this page to get on the “first to know” list and I’ll be in touch soon.

So, let the countdown begin!

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Pricing isn't easy

Pricing is a tricky business!

How do you know when you have landed on the right price? How do you know when it is time to raise your price? Lower your price? Pricing isn’t always intuitive. And these questions don’t have easy answers, but I have 3 questions I ask myself everytime I set a new price or consider changing an old price.

These are:

  1. Is the product or service selling well now?
  2. Am I covering ALL of the costs involved in providing the product or service?
  3. Do I feel like I’m leaving money on the table?

pricing too low?

Let’s look at each of these one at a time. Continue reading Are You Charging or Pricing High Enough?

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Join me in Mompreneur Masterclass BETA!

I’m super excited to share with you about a new opportunity out on the horizon, but that you can join today as a BETA member. It’s called Mompreneur Masterclass! I’m assembling a group of amazing women to help me beta launch a membership group that will provide weekly encouragement through coaching, training webinars, and access to my own successful files and templates.

Mompreneur Masterclass Beta

As women who are growing up our businesses while growing up our kids, we need to be strategic and get the most out of every hour we work. I want to help you be successful in your business, but even more so, I want to help you succeed in life.

We are each on a journey to figure out this life that includes growing up a business while growing up our kids. It’s an amazing journey, but it can also be fraught with confusion and loneliness. That’s why Mompreneur Masters is here! To clear the confusion and so that we can link arms with one another for this incredible ride!

You are uniquely gifted to do magnificent things, but together, we grow stronger, more resilient, more focused, more determined. I will help you win at business, but more importantly, I want you to win at life. I want you to become the best version of yourself – a brilliant entrepreneur, an encouraging mom, and a joy-filled woman. Together, we’ve got this!

Me + You + Community = Success

I’m also going to be teaching you some things – some technical, some tactical, some conceptual, some philosophical. Everything I teach boils down to these two ideas – Efficiency and Effectiveness. When you are both efficient and effective in business, you have more time and more energy for more important areas of your life – especially, your family!

So, are you ready to do this? I am!

Check out the BETA opportunity here –

BETA enrollment closes on Monday, June 5th!

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your blog or other entrepreneur platform

Or should an entrepreneur tell it like it is?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 16 years. And my thinking on this has evolved over time. In fact, I can remember those early days well.

The Early Days

When we started our business, I was in my 3rd year of homeschooling. At that time I had a 2nd grader, a kindergartener, a one-year-old toddler, and a brand new baby. It was a little bit crazy, I will admit.

It was 2001 when I decided to start this business. Now that’s another story, but I remember the moment when we realized, “Oh, wow! We need to move this stuff off the dining room table.” The dining room table was our office and our packing center. Losing the table was just a little bit too crazy for what we were wanting to do as a family, like eating meals together and homeschooling. Continue reading Should an Entrepreneur Act Professional?

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A Mompreneur is creative and resourceful!

Like me, I’m sure you’ve heard the pitches for the productivity and time management courses. And then, of course, you’ve seen all the planners that promise to turn your chaos into instant order. The problem is that so many online business courses and productivity tools assume that you have 8-12 hours per day to work on your business. That is just not the case for many people. Especially for a mompreneur who has her kids home all or most of the day.

I’ve had kids home all or most of the day for over 23 years because here’s the thing… I’ve been homeschooling since my oldest was in kindergarten. I have 6 kids and my youngest is nine. I’ve been a mompreneur for 16 of those years, so I’ve HAD to figure out how to get work done with my kids around all day.

So, let’s address the elephant in the room and talk about your day and your schedule. Starting and growing your business is not an easy, effortless task. It requires work. But just like any other worthwhile endeavor, growing a business is worth the effort we put into it.

And, as you know, pretty much anything worth doing in life requires some effort and planning on our part. Continue reading 10 Ways a Mompreneur Can Get Stuff Done

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Fast growing email list

Because email subscribers trump views and fans!

We’ve already discussed this question regarding email list building in a previous blog post:

Would you rather have…

  1. 100 email subscribers
  2. 10,000 Facebook fans
  3. 100,000 views on your video

Wow, hard question, right?

Doesn’t everyone want their videos to go viral and get hundreds of thousands of viewers? And 10K fans on Facebook is a big deal. But there is a right answer to this question and it is… Door #3!

The truth is we all start at the same place… the beginning. Ground zero. No one is born with a list, and that means we all have to start growing our list at some point, preferably as soon as possible. The other fact to consider is that getting the first 100 people to sign up for your email list is usually the hardest. After that, you will gain momentum.

So, how do you go from 0 to 100 when it comes to building your list? Here are 3 simple steps to gain your first 100 subscribers: Continue reading How to Grow Your Email List from 0 to 100 in just 3 Steps

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Have you ever experienced bone-weary burnout?

Burnout has a way of creeping up on us. It begins with a quiet sensation of listlessness, followed by annoyance, accompanied by an occasional outburst of unexpected anger that you didn’t see coming.


Great idea, huh? Well, maybe not!

Some homeschool moms may carry on for years before experiencing burnout, while others may experience it yearly, generally in the spring. Because, goodness, by then we are just plum worn out from teaching school all year long.

If you, like me, are feeling a sense of despondency, fatigue, or angst, it is time to head off burnout at the pass. This is the time of year that we can intentionally set up our children, routine, and schedule for success as we finish the year strong. Continue reading Help, I Feel Burnout Coming!

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the paradox

Have you heard these reasons before?

I read this question on a blog recently and it made me sit up and think for a few reasons. Here’s the gist of the question:

Would you rather have…

  1. 100 email subscribers
  2. 10,000 Facebook fans
  3. 100,000 views on your video

Wow, hard question, right?

Doesn’t everyone want their videos to go viral and get hundreds of thousands of viewers? And 10K fans on Facebook is a big deal. But there is a right answer to this question and it is… Door #3!

grow email list

While 100 email subscribers may feel like a pittance, this is the best case scenario of the three options above and I’m going to give you 6 compelling reasons why. Continue reading 6 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Email List

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