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Behind the scenes

How I Manage 5-Figure Launches

Last week, I shared with you the tools that I use to create and manage my launches for new products, courses, and curriculum. I’m no wizard. When I pull back the curtain, you can see that behind the scenes I use ordinary tools that have been proven to deliver predictable results.

Here is my list of tools:

  1. Infusionsoft
  2. LeadPages
  3. Keynote
  4. ATR2100 Mic
  5. Screenflow
  6. Vimeo / Youtube
  7. WebinarJam
  8. Facebook ads

In Part 1, I walked you through how I use the first five tools on the list and I mentioned that of them all, I am especially fond of Leadpages because it delivers great results and cuts my workload in half, at least. Because I love Leadpages so much, I have teamed up with Tim Paige of Leadpages to bring you a special live training on The Conversion Training. I hope you will join us! You can sign up here:

Behind the scenes with Leadpages

We have 3 more tools to cover to finish our list of best tools and best practices. Continue reading Behind the Scenes of a Re-Launch, Part 2

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Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes of the Re-Launch of Mompreneur 101

If you’ve been reading this blog or following me online for the last few months, you know that I just re-launched my business course for homeschool moms, Mompreneur 101. I now have the privilege of teaching a new group of students. I love teaching everything I know about business. So, in this blog post and the next, I’m going to take you behind the scenes to show you how I pulled off a 5-figure launch.

Behind the scenes

First, I will list the tools that I used and then I will explain how I used them to create a successful launch for my course. I should mention that I use these tools every time I launch a new product, whether it be a book, curriculum, online app, or course: Continue reading Behind the Scenes of a Re-launch, Part I

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My Review of Leadpages, the Landing Page Provider

If you are a student of mine, or a reader of this blog, or a member of any one of my Facebook groups, then you probably know that I am a big fan of Leadpages. But I don’t think I’ve ever created as many landing pages using Leadpages as I have in these last few months, so I feel that it’s time I do a proper review.

Since October, I have created landing pages for the country unit studies I’ve been giving away, as well as some of the promotions and launches I have been working on. I will show examples throughout this blog post.

After all this time, work, and effort, I still cast my vote for Leadpages as my landing page provider. But I want to give you some very down-to-earth pros and cons to consider if you are looking for a landing page provider to drastically reduce the time you spend creating web pages as well as greatly improve their final appearance.

Let’s start with the Cons! Continue reading What I Really Think about Leadpages

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Is it even possible to grow your email list for free these days?

Back in the gold rush days of the internet, it was easy enough to grow your list for free. If you had the right strategy, that is. Put out a good free offer along with an opt-in form, and let people know it’s there through social media. People would arrive at your site and download your freebie in exchange for their email address. Voila, you were building your email list at no cost to you.

In our current world, it’s not so easy. Algorithms change weekly, platforms rise and fall, and traffic is no longer guaranteed. Google, Facebook, and even Instagram are encouraging you to pay to play. This means that you have to pay for ads if you want your posts to be seen.

So, the question remains… is it possible to grow your email list for free? Continue reading How to Grow Your Email List for Free

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3 Tips for Conquering Writer’s Block

Are you a blogger, podcaster, or vlogger? Then you have surely faced writer’s block at some point along your journey. Especially, if you are committed to publishing new content on a consistent schedule, such as weekly, or even daily.

Writer’s block is real. You pull out a fresh sheet of notebook paper or pull up a blank blog post screen, and it screams at you, “You have NOTHING to say!”

writer's block

However, that’s just not true. You have plenty to say; it’s just that your mind has gone blank for a moment. The problem is when that moment stretches into an hour, a day, or, heaven forbid, a week. Continue reading How to Conquer Blog Post Writer’s Block

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royalty-free images

Royalty-Free Image Links and Search Tips

For this blog post, I have gathered my 5 favorite free image sites. I literally find images from these sources every week. I love all of the free options that are now available for us to use for our blogs, social media posts, and even our products. But first, a quick tip for staying safe online. 😉

Whenever searching for images on the web, especially if your children are anywhere nearby, you need to take great care that you are searching responsibly and carefully. Never use a single word when searching the web for images. It is shocking what will turn up if you just type in the word “flower” or “maze” for example. Trust me, you don’t want to know. So always enter a string of words into the search bar, such as “big yellow sunflower” or “Wooden Shoe tulip farm” or “pumpkin patch and corn maze.” Just stay safe by being as specific as possible and never using a single search word.

Creative Commons:

This is a great place to search for royalty-free images because you can essentially search all of the free image sites from one search engine. Search Google, Wikimedia, Flickr, Pixabay and more from one location: Continue reading Here are my 5 Favorite Free Image Sites

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Behind the curtain of a successful launch

Let’s pull back the curtain, look behind the scenes, and see what that wizard is really doing.

Watching a product launch is a thing to behold! It’s amazing to watch a successful marketer take you along a problem-solution path, where he connects with you over a common problem (which is good), tells you how to solve the problem with a DIY solution (better) but then shows you the “done-for-you” solution (best). Next thing you know, you feel a burning need for that thing that didn’t exist a short time ago.

What just happened?

I’m going to show you. Let’s go behind the scenes and see the back end of my successful launches. (To me, a successful launch is one where you have either met your financial goal, came very close, or learned something valuable in the process. It’s not about reaching a certain dollar figure.)

A successful launch

Continue reading Behind the Scenes of a Successful Launch

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