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Home Business

I’ve been thinking that it would be really fun and helpful to run a 7-10 day challenge on one of these two topics:

  • 7 Days to Your Next Product Idea
  • 10 Days to a Solid List Building Strategy

However, I need your input to help me choose what would be most useful at this time. Write “product” or “list” in the comments section below. Or cast your vote in the Facebook group. I’ll announce the challenge topic next week and begin sign-ups.

Ready for a challenge?

Let me know which would be more useful for you. Thank you!

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your blog or other entrepreneur platform

Playing Facebook’s Ever-Changing Game

Last week, I started a new group on Facebook for all of us homeschooling mompreneurs. This group is meant to be a place where we can support and encourage one another. It’s a place to get advice, share our struggles and our triumphs, and help out a fellow mompreneur when possible.

The group has started out with a bang with nearly 200 members already, sharing their struggles and offering encouragement to others. I’m excited to see this group come together.

Today at 12 Noon PST, I will be doing a Facebook Live session within the group. It’s a great way to connect with people. There will be no marketing involved in this session whatsoever. I’ll just be using Facebook’s new LIVE feature as a way to introduce myself and encourage my fellow moms who are juggling home businesses with homeschooling. Super fun!

Going Live on Facebook

But, I wanted to take a moment to share with you how exciting Facebook Live can be for your business from a marketing standpoint. Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm favors posts from friends and family in the newsfeed. Contrary to how many business owners feel, I am glad for this. It’s appropriate. But that doesn’t mean that Facebook is dead for business. Oh no, quite the contrary!

Facebook is also giving preferential treatment to video and even more specifically, LIVE video. So, what does that mean for us, as smart-working business owners? It means that we should learn to get comfortable with Facebook Live and then incorporate it into our Facebook Pages.

Not only will your video shoot to the top of the newsfeed when you are live, but it will remain there for quite a while even after you have logged off. In face, even if no one shows up for your live session, your recorded Facebook Live post will get lots of traction in the newsfeed and you should see it get many views, likes, and comments.

So, be sure to check back later and respond to the comments that people leave for you AFTER your live video is over.

If you see this post in time to join me LIVE, I hope that you will. If not, consider live video on your business page sometime in the near future. I think you will be glad that you did!

Here is the link to the Homeschool Mompreneurs Facebook group:

See you there!

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Do you struggle to craft an irresistible offer?

Do you have something to sell, but don’t know how to sell it without feeling pushy or slick? Don’t you wish you could just build it and they will come?

Well, in the real world, we build it and then we have to go out and tell people we have built it and why.


(Side-note: This is Guédelon Castle, an ongoing construction project located in Treigny, France. The object of the project is to build a castle using only the techniques and materials used in the Middle Ages. Because they are building it, the creators of this living archeology exhibit are encouraging people to come… come to see, come to volunteer, come to experience the Middle Ages in modern times. Pretty cool!)

Crafting an offer is both a learned skill and an art form. The art of the offer does not exactly come naturally for me, so I have become a student of others who are great copy writers who know how to craft an enticing offer.

In this blog post, I would like to address this topic from two different angles – the art and the science of crafting an irresistible offer. First, some of the artsy, overall things to consider when writing your offer, which includes your headline and your body copy. And, by the way, headlines and body copy can be delivered via email, a sales page or a sales video. So, without further ado, here are… Continue reading The 4 Parts of an Irresistible Offer

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Is there such a thing as perfect pricing?

If you are an entrepreneur like me, then likely you have wrestled over pricing. How can I price my product or service so that it is received well, valued, and provides a profit?

What happens if I price my product too low?

What if I price it too high?

How can I, like Goldilocks, find that perfect sweet spot that is “just right?”

pricing bread as commodity or luxury?

That’s what we’re talking about today as we discuss all things about pricing: perceptions, possibilities and profitability. Continue reading The Pricing Perception

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Thanks for taking course survey

What I learned from my course survey

Thank you so much for taking my course survey last week! I heard from many of you and that has been super helpful for me as I prepare and write my course – Homeschool Mompreneur 101: The Busy, Homeschool Mom’s Step-by-Step Plan to Running a Highly Profitable and Satisfying Business in under 20 hours Per Week.

Thanks for taking my course survey

I am excitedly mapping out my outline to address the concerns of homeschooling moms who are also running a business from home. We are not as rare of a breed as you might think and we share many of the same challenges and limitations. We also share some amazing character qualities, such as resourcefulness, persistence, diligence, creativity, and a “let’s do this” attitude. How wonderful it is to rub shoulders with women such as you!

From my course survey, I learned that… Continue reading Course Survey Findings…

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Grow Your Business by Learning from my Mistakes

As a homeschool mom running a business from home for 15 years as of this June, I have learned some lessons the hard way. I have spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to design a website. I have taken many courses online and off to master difficult software, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. I have set up countless autoresponder sequences, created multiple mobile apps, and tried my best to keep up with all of the social media platforms, especially Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, in order to grow my business.

let me help you grow your business

And what I have learned over the years is this… running a business doesn’t have to be this difficult. In fact, it is easier now more than ever before to employ shortcuts in your business so that you don’t have to figure everything out yourself, nor do you even have to do it all yourself.

While there is no magic pill for overnight success and no method to escape actually doing the work, I have learned some tricks and techniques that can shorten your learning curve, especially in the areas of product creation, marketing, and sales.

Today, I would love to share with you 5 shortcuts especially suited for the homeschool mom who is working hard to grow her business with limited amounts of time. Continue reading 5 Shortcuts to Grow Your Business Rapidly

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I’m working on a brand new online business course and in order for me to fully develop it so that it is a perfect fit for my ideal students, I need some direct feedback. I’m looking for feedback specifically from homeschool moms who are hoping to start a business from home in the near future or have already started a business and are wanting to grow it further into a reliable income stream for their family. I would love to talk to you about the challenges you face as you are starting or growing your business. Where could you use some support? What would be the biggest blessing for you right now?

I only need about 15 minutes of your time. It will be quick and easy. If you would like to participate in a Skype call with me, just click on the scheduling link below and get on my calendar. We can just do an audio chat; video isn’t necessary so don’t let that hold you back. So, if I have described you, click on a 30 minute appointment slot in my calendar link below (should only be 15-20 minutes). And I look forward to talking with you soon. Thanks!

Update: My appointment slots have been filled up. Thank you so much for your interest and your time and I look forward to being able to deliver some solid business guidance for my fellow homeschool mompreneurs very soon.

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So, start before you are ready!

If not now, then when? If not you, then who? Because it’s more about progress than perfectionism. Perfectionism is just a nicer word for… well, you’ll see…

This video is about an Ah-ha! moment I had this weekend. Sometimes we just have to start before we are ready, or we will never do the thing that we know we should be doing. You don’t have to wait until you are thinner, prettier, or more knowledgeable. Just start. Remember, we are aiming for progress, not perfection!

What do you need to start today?

  • Do you have a book that you need to begin writing?
  • A room full of memories that you need to clean out?
  • An exercise program to start?
  • A morning routine to set into motion?
  • A letter to write?
  • Forgiveness to request?
  • A business to start?
  • A new habit to form?

Comment below and tell me what’s holding you back. I wasn’t going to start my video series until I had lost a few pounds (like 30!). But I was encouraged to just start and walk into my fear. Maybe it will be a little less scary next time. 🙂

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5-Steps to Profitable Business

Or maybe your entrepreneurial gene. 🙂

Tell me if you get this. Because I get you. And you’ll know what I’m talking about because you either feel it in your chest or you don’t. Some of us are wired as entrepreneurs. Somewhere deep-down in our very make-up, we possess an entrepreneurial gene or something. That doesn’t mean that all of us who possess this gene are running our own businesses. Yet. But somewhere deep down, we know that we want to. And we also know that we’d probably be really good at it.

Others of us are not wired this way. That’s totally perfect too. My husband calls it the E-mentality. His “E” stands for “employee.” He says he just thinks more like a team member. “Just tell me what to do,” he’s been known to say. However, he hardly ever says those words these days as he is the CEO of Countryside Pet Resort and Spa, a dog boarding, daycare, and grooming facility in our town.

Entrepreneurs. Employees. We totally need each other. One is not better than another. But if you feel that entrepreneurial pull and deep down in your heart of hearts want to pursue the possibility of creating your own business, your own income, your own destiny, then this blog post is for you.

(Side note here: pursuing your entrepreneurial passion is possible whether you start a business now, later, or never. There are reasons why NOW might not be the best time, because of your season of life, temporary circumstances, etc.. However, if the timing is good but you still feel hesitation or awkwardness about exploring an entrepreneurial endeavor, you might want to assess your situation to see if you might be carrying around some excess baggage labeled “unconfidence,” “childhood misconceptions,” or “naysayers” that is weighing you down.)

So, you feel that you might be an entrepreneur at heart, but you don’t even know how to begin to explore the possibilities. Is this you?

Or maybe you have started down the path of business creation, or have even been running one for a while, but feel that you have lost your way, then this is for you too.

5 Steps to Finding Your Entrepreneurial Groove

Continue reading 5 Steps to Finding Your Entrepreneurial Groove

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how to make deposits on your blog

And why the words “I can’t afford it” are a cop-out!

I hear it all the time…

I would buy that curriculum, but I can’t afford it.
That car is too expensive, dear; we can’t afford it.
I would save for retirement, but I can’t afford it.
I would tithe, but we can’t afford it.
I would homeschool, but we can’t afford it.
I would buy that toy for you, honey, but we can’t afford it.
We can’t go on that trip. It’s too expensive and we can’t afford it.

I have heard myself say those very words over the most diverse things as well. In the not too distant past, I have been known to utter that phrase when refuting purchases that span anywhere from $5 to $5000. How about you? Do any of these scenarios below sound familiar to you?

Continue reading How to Afford Almost Anything

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