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Email Best Practices to Get Your Messages Read

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The 7 essential elements (email best practices) that will get people to open and read every message you send

Do you ever wonder why more people do not open, read, and engage with the email messages you send out? The good news is that you can improve those stats quickly and it’s not too difficult by using these email best practices.

Let me show you how…

Here are the 7 essentials elements to getting people to open and read every message you send. Use these email best practices for each and every email you send out to your subscribers.

email best practices

1. An Intriguing Subject Line

If the subject of your email is not intriguing, then most people won’t open it. Ask a question, say something controversial, use numbers or “how to” statements, promise a result, or surprise. Here is an example of an intriguing subject line that I received in my inbox this morning:

How gaining 117 pounds helped me finally love myself

Here is another one I received yesterday:

5 Ways to Beat the Email Beast

One thing you MUST do is hint or describe the content that is actually in your email. Never mislead or betray your readers.

2. A Personal Greeting

If your email service provider allows you to personalize your emails with first names, then do so! You can open the email with a greeting such as “Hi {first_name}” or you can include this personalization in the subject line or even further down the body of the email. This 3rd option is super effective at keeping readers’ attention because it is jarring to read your name a paragraph or two into the email copy.

3. A Hook to Grab Attention

Your opening line should grab your reader’s attention and pull them down the page to your call to action (CTA). Your hook could be a question, a bold statement, or the promise of a result.

4. A Story to Hold Attention

Once you have grabbed your reader’s attention, you want to keep it. The best way to do this is to share a story. It is best if that story is a personal one, but a story about someone or something else is okay too. Your story should illustrate the point that you are trying to make with your email and not distract from your main point.

5. A Call to Action

Heads up! This is extremely important. We usually think our readers know what to do without expressly telling them, but we are misguided on this one. It is necessary to tell our readers what to do next or they will just drift away to the next thing. We need to say, “click the button below to find out how you can [whatever your offer is].” This is true for our sales pages too. We must say, “click the button below to purchase [whatever your product is]. In fact, if you would like to have even more tools to help you engage more with your readers, click the link below to receive a copy of my favorite tools PDF:

my favorite tools

6. A Personal Sign Off

Sign your emails with your personal name, not just your business name. Your email came from a person, so let them know who that is. Enough said.

7. A P.S. Line

This is the most overlooked part of most emails and yet it is extremely critical. Include a P.S. line that restates your call to action with a link. Keep it short. Keep it succinct. It works.

Which of these elements will you be including in your next email that you haven’t been using before?

On the journey with you,


P.S. Try these email best practices and see if they don’t make a difference in your open and click-through rates. And if you would like to know what some of my other favorite tools and techniques are for engaging with my readers, download my favorite tools now.