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FAQ: That’s what they thought too!

FAQ about Mompreneur 101

FAQ About Mompreneur 101

Oh boy! I’ve been getting some amazing questions about Mompreneur 101. I’ll bet that you have entertained some of these questions too, so here’s an FAQ just for you!

Strap on your seat belt and let’s go!

FAQ #1 – “I can’t afford it.”

Wait, what? That’s not a question! 😉 But it should be, so let’s make it a question… “How can I afford it?” Okay, that’s better! Now, I can answer that question and if you put on your creativity hat, you will be able to also.

The statement, “I can’t afford it,” usually stems from feeling like the money that comes in should be spent elsewhere. It often comes from a place of fear, fearing that we won’t have enough, learn enough, implement enough. Fear that it won’t work. It also comes from being afraid to share the opportunity with our significant other and being fearful that he won’t understand, or tell us that it’s hype or nonsense or not worthwhile.

“I can’t afford it,” is a protection mechanism. It keeps us safe, untouchable, protected behind a wall.

Now, “how can I afford it?” is totally different. I tell my kids to always turn “I can’t afford it” into “How can I afford it?” This causes us to become problem solvers, creative thinkers, and motivated individuals. Go ahead, try this with your own kids. It’s amazing!

But for right now, let’s try it with you…

So, how can you afford Mompreneur 101? Here are 3 ways:

  1. Get your spouse on board. If he’s behind you, then you will find a way.
  2. Use the payment plan. It’s there for a reason to allow you to afford it.
  3. Get in touch and let me know if you need a creative financing option.

And remember this… there is absolutely NO RISK with Mompreneur 101. If you don’t get amazing value from it, just ask for a refund. And if you do get an incredible return on your investment, you won’t want a refund. You can’t lose with this one.

FAQ #2 – “Can I get a sneak peek?”

Absolutely! Here are the first two videos of Module 1: Decide! – The Snapshot and Your Timeframe. Keep in mind that these first two videos are introductory in nature, but you can get a really good idea about who I am, my heart, and where we’re going as a class:

FAQ #3 – “What if I haven’t started my business yet?”

That’s fine! We’ll help you get it launched! I say “we” because the mompreneur community really rallies around you to help you find your sweet spot and get your business idea off the ground. You will not be left alone to figure it all out yourself. PLUS, the Listing Building 101 and Product Launch 101 bonuses will help you launch your product, service, or other form of value to your growing email list. I’ve got your back on this one.

FAQ #4 – “What if I already have a profitable business?”

Even better! Let me help you take that business and grow it to the next level. I will give you the exact strategies that will help your business mature and become the stable income source you want it to be. PLUS, you’ll be getting Laura Ball’s power-packed Facebook Ads Classroom as a bonus, which will help you grow your business from one stage to the next. I’ve got you covered!

FAQ #5 – “When will you offer Mompreneur 101 again?”

Next winter, probably February. BUT, that said, there is NO better time than right now. Trust me when I say that you probably won’t have more time, more money, more freedom, more flexibility next winter. If your life is anything like mine, it will only get busier and you will have even more demands on your pocket book. Invest in yourself and your business now and put yourself in a better place time-wise and money-wise within 6 months. Mompreneur 101 WILL get you there!

FAQ #6 – “Can my business partner, virtual assistant, or spouse join for free?”

Yes! I would love for you to bring your business partner, VA, or spouse along with you for this exhilarating ride. Send an email to with your partner’s name and email address and I’ll get him or her set up to join you in the class. This offer does go away on Friday, July 21st at midnight Pacific Time.

FAQ #7 – “Can I have the replay link for the webinar?”

Sure! Yesterday’s webinar is one of my most popular topics for busy, homeschool mompreneurs. We discussed the 4 Mindset Shifts that will ensure school runs smoothly (usually), your business soars, and you operate in your sweet spot. Here’s the replay link:

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I am so happy to answer! Write to

What’s stopping you from joining me and one amazing group of women who are taking action to change their lives and the lives of their families? Join us here:

I hope to see you in class on Monday! 🙂

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  1. Lisa Vanderveen July 20, 2017 @ 1:54 pm

    Love this. As a charter member of Mompreneur 101, I can vouch for what a fabulous course this is (and it just keeps getting better with each release!), what an amazing mentor Terri is and the incredible community support that’s available.

    Find a way to answer the question: “How can I afford this?” You won’t regret it!