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Give and Get the Most from Your Blog

give through your blog

How your platform – blog, podcast, or video channel – integrates seamlessly with your business.

When you are running a small business, it can feel like there is so much to do and so little time to do it. The idea of blogging or podcasting or creating video can feel overwhelming. But incorporating a platform where you give free content, such as a blog, can boost everything from your email list growth to the goodwill felt among your tribe to your financial bottom line.

Let me offer you 3 reasons why you should be giving away free content from your platform on a weekly basis. Then you can decide whether the effort is worth the payoff.

1. You can grow your email list more easily

If you are not yet convinced that you should be growing an email list of subscribers, read the blog post entitled, “5 Reasons to Grow Your Email List” here.

Once we realize how important it is that we grow and nurture the people who have indicated their interest to hear from us, we need to regularly provide them with free and useful content. And by regular, I mean weekly if at all possible. This content can take the form of blog posts, podcasts, or videos.

your blog or other platform

When you create content for your tribe (AKA email subscribers), you should send them an email to let them know that it is available. However, you want to also make this content easy for them to share with their friends. This is how you continue to grow your email list. Regularly create useful free content that your fans will love to share with their friends. You can do this through share buttons.

Also, it’s important for YOU to reach out to people who are not your regular followers. You do this by posting links to your content via social media. Pick one or two of your favorite social media platforms. Then, share a direct link to your latest or most popular blog post, podcast, or video there. Maybe you love to create pins for Pinterest or tweets for Twitter. Facebook and Instagram are where I usually post because that is where my current and potential customers tend to hang out.

When new visitors land on your blog or website, make it easy for them to sign up for your email list. The best way I know how to do this is to provide some great information in your blog post (or podcast or video). Then, include a big button that tells your reader that you have a downloadable PDF with even more tips (or a checklist, guide, or step-by-step instructions).

Here’s an example in this very post… First, I told you how important it is to grow your email list. Now I include a big yellow button so that you can get my favorite tools. These tools will help you grow your list exponentially. So click the big yellow button now:

my favorite tools

Hands down, my favorite tool for growing my email list is Leadpages. You can read a recent review that I wrote about that tool here –

2. You will boost the goodwill among your tribe.

When you create regular free content that is useful, actionable, or inspirational, you boost the goodwill felt among your tribe. They will connect with you more easily and engage with you more regularly. You will become known as the expert in your field, which will, in turn, draw more people to your free content.

In the beginning, sharing free content via a blog, podcast, or video series may feel like a waste of time. You may even feel like no one is listening. But the more you share, and the more consistently you share, the more likely you will begin to notice a tipping point where the payoff is greater than the effort. Or a snowball effect, where the more you give, the more you receive in return.

As your mother always told you… It’s better to give than to receive. That is wise counsel, so give, give, give, even when it feels like you are not receiving in return. One day you will. The goodwill that you have provided will come back to bless you many times over.

3. You will increase your sales

This is when the giving you have done so tirelessly comes back to bless you tenfold. When you have provided free content week after week after week, it’s almost as though you have made deposits into a bank account. And so far, you have given of your time, knowledge, and energy without asking for anything in return. However, when you are ready and the timing is right, you can let your fans and subscribers know about your irresistible offer that will greatly benefit their lives.

how to make deposits from your blog

Because you have made so many deposits into their lives, your fans are more likely to consider your offer and buy. Why? Because they know, like, and trust you. They believe in you and the solutions you have to offer that will make a positive difference in their lives.

You have become a trusted friend.

So, friend, do not grow weary and lose heart. Keep on offering your free content through your blog, podcast, or video channel. Your subscribers will love you for it. And it will pay off in time. More than you could have ever imagined.

Now it’s your turn:

Leave your comments and questions below. And if you would like to share a link to your blog, along with a short description, I would love to see what you are up to. God bless!

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  1. Shannan Swindler Captivating C March 16, 2017 @ 3:27 am

    Terri, Thanks so much for again reminding us to bless and inspire our readers. Love the button idea! Here’s my blog,