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Going Live on Facebook

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Playing Facebook’s Ever-Changing Game

Last week, I started a new group on Facebook for all of us homeschooling mompreneurs. This group is meant to be a place where we can support and encourage one another. It’s a place to get advice, share our struggles and our triumphs, and help out a fellow mompreneur when possible.

The group has started out with a bang with nearly 200 members already, sharing their struggles and offering encouragement to others. I’m excited to see this group come together.

Today at 12 Noon PST, I will be doing a Facebook Live session within the group. It’s a great way to connect with people. There will be no marketing involved in this session whatsoever. I’ll just be using Facebook’s new LIVE feature as a way to introduce myself and encourage my fellow moms who are juggling home businesses with homeschooling. Super fun!

Going Live on Facebook

But, I wanted to take a moment to share with you how exciting Facebook Live can be for your business from a marketing standpoint. Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm favors posts from friends and family in the newsfeed. Contrary to how many business owners feel, I am glad for this. It’s appropriate. But that doesn’t mean that Facebook is dead for business. Oh no, quite the contrary!

Facebook is also giving preferential treatment to video and even more specifically, LIVE video. So, what does that mean for us, as smart-working business owners? It means that we should learn to get comfortable with Facebook Live and then incorporate it into our Facebook Pages.

Not only will your video shoot to the top of the newsfeed when you are live, but it will remain there for quite a while even after you have logged off. In face, even if no one shows up for your live session, your recorded Facebook Live post will get lots of traction in the newsfeed and you should see it get many views, likes, and comments.

So, be sure to check back later and respond to the comments that people leave for you AFTER your live video is over.

If you see this post in time to join me LIVE, I hope that you will. If not, consider live video on your business page sometime in the near future. I think you will be glad that you did!

Here is the link to the Homeschool Mompreneurs Facebook group:

See you there!