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If you're like most of my readers, you're committed to your family and creating the best home life possible. But the truth is, if you've given up one income to homeschool your kids, you may be struggling to make ends meet. That's why I wrote this special report, The 9 Best Business Ideas for Homeschool Moms, in which I help you design the best business to complement your family's goals. There's only one way to get it—by subscribing to my weekly blog updates here:

I’d Love Your Feedback

I’m working on a brand new online business course and in order for me to fully develop it so that it is a perfect fit for my ideal students, I need some direct feedback. I’m looking for feedback specifically from homeschool moms who are hoping to start a business from home in the near future or have already started a business and are wanting to grow it further into a reliable income stream for their family. I would love to talk to you about the challenges you face as you are starting or growing your business. Where could you use some support? What would be the biggest blessing for you right now?

I only need about 15 minutes of your time. It will be quick and easy. If you would like to participate in a Skype call with me, just click on the scheduling link below and get on my calendar. We can just do an audio chat; video isn’t necessary so don’t let that hold you back. So, if I have described you, click on a 30 minute appointment slot in my calendar link below (should only be 15-20 minutes). And I look forward to talking with you soon. Thanks!

Update: My appointment slots have been filled up. Thank you so much for your interest and your time and I look forward to being able to deliver some solid business guidance for my fellow homeschool mompreneurs very soon.