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The Paradox – Homeschooling and Running a Business

the paradox

Do you ever feel just a little bit crazy?

It’s no wonder!

You have children to teach, the family to feed, laundry piling up, and if you are an entrepreneur, you also have a business that needs attention or it’s going to shrivel up. There is so much that you need to do on any given day that you may lack focus. And even more so, you may lack clarity. If you don’t know what you are working towards, then how can you possibly know what you should be working on? See previous post for some help.

This, my friend, is the homeschool mompreneur’s paradox – you have a business for the purpose of supporting your family and yet little time to devote to it. You have an incredible idea for how you can serve others and yet lack a clear direction for how to reach your target audience. You have a passion to support, encourage, and inspire others through a business venture and yet lack the funds to get it off the ground.

Would you be surprised to hear that you don’t necessarily need more skills, more money, or more time to start or grow your business? You have been especially gifted to bless the world with your unique gifts and talents. There is just one thing you need:

The roadmap!

The Paradox

Is there a solution?

If you don’t know me yet, I’m Terri Johnson, the founder and owner of Knowledge Quest. I’ve been teaching my kids at home for 18 years and running my business for almost 16 of those years. And the questions just keep coming, no matter how long I’ve been doing this gig. It’s an enigma, or a paradox, for most people. And if you are anything like me, then surely you hear questions like these every now and then too.

Are you kidding me?
Where do you find time to run a business while homeschooling the kids?
Do you make any money at it?

These are all good questions but maybe a little uncomfortable to answer. They are uncomfortable because sometimes we feel like we aren’t making as much money as we would like to be for all the effort we are putting into it. Or maybe it’s because we start feeling mom guilt that we really should be spending less time on our businesses and more time with our children. Or maybe it’s because the questions just make us feel a little bit like a freak. Because really, why would anyone do such a thing?

Well, there are a few reasons why aren’t there? Let’s talk about them and talk about what we can do to feel less stress and overwhelm when it comes to our businesses, and our busy homeschooling lives in general. And let’s talk about how to grow your business to the next level (or how to get it off the ground) while working only 10-20 hours per week.

Do you have about 10 minutes right now? Just click the link below to watch The Paradox – How to Run a 6-Figure Business While Homeschooling the Kids.

See you there!