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How to Rock Your Very First Facebook Live

Rock Facebook Live

Who’s afraid of Facebook Live?

I know that feeling well. Breath comes more rapidly. The inability to swallow. Eyes darting from side to side looking for an escape. That’s right, I’m talking about my first Facebook Live. I’ll admit it, I was scared!

Facebook Live

But I finally mustered up the courage to push the little blue “Go Live” button. I stumbled through my poorly prepared speech, experienced a total brain freeze, and bailed out early, glad that no one had actually had time to watch my live performance. Because that is what it felt like to me… a very poorly executed performance.

Since that day, I have grown to love Facebook Live. And I’ve learned so much about it over the past 15 months and somewhere around 30 – 40 Facebook Lives that I have done during that time. This post is to point out some of the things I’ve learned and give you some pointers so that you don’t have to learn the hard way.

What I’ve Learned about Facebook Live:

  1. It’s not a performance! It’s a connection that you make with your friends, followers, and fans. It is truly a relationship builder. While a performance is all about you, your Facebook Live should be all about them.
  2. People are far less judgmental than you think. Most people who take the time to watch your Facebook Live are spending way less time thinking about you as they are thinking about themselves. If they pause to watch your Livestream, you’ve captured their interest, not their ridicule.
  3. The technology is super easy. Instead of typing a post, click the “Live” icon, type in a description and then tap the blue “Go Live” button. See those words, “You’re live?” Great! Then, you are, so just start talking.
  4. Pages are better than groups, at least when it comes to having more control over your video. When you livestream to a page, you can promote it as an ad. You can’t when you do a live video inside a group.

If I could really bring home one main point, it would be this… Most people are just impressed that you actually did a Facebook Live. They wished that they were as brave as you. They know it takes guts, so they are typically supportive if they pay any attention to you at all. Don’t worry about condemnation. Instead, think less about yourself and what value you can give to someone else. Put the focus there and you will ROCK your Facebook Lives.

Facebook Live Pointers to Help You Nail it!

  1. Use a tripod or stabilizer with an iphone attachment. I bought a cheap one from Amazon.
  2. Type up a description on your computer and email it to yourself, so that you can copy and paste it from your email app on your phone (instead of thumb typing).
  3. Have a script outline so you know where you are going and don’t get lost. These are the points I like to cover:
    1. Greetings
    2. Introduce topic
    3. Introduce yourself
    4. Ask where people are watching from
    5. Sympathize with the problem
    6. Provide solution in 1-3 points
    7. Recap and ask if anyone has questions
    8. Give call to action – click link below, etc.
    9. Ask them to share your video
    10. Sign off
  4. Click “Go Live” on your mobile phone and just start talking! You don’t need to wait or make small talk while you wait for others to join you. They may or may not, but either way people WILL watch the replay, so just jump right in to what you are going to say whether you have anyone with you live or not.
  5. Consider practicing in a “safe place.” I have a Facebook group called Homeschool Mompreneurs where we have Facebook Live Wednesdays where we can all practice our facebook live skills before a very compassionate and encouraging audience. It’s a great place to do a trial run before going live for the world. Come on over and practice with us! Here are the guidelines:

Facebook Live

And that’s it! That’s how you rock your very first Facebook Live. You’ve got this! Now there is one other thing to remember… No matter how scared you feel, you are no different from anyone else. We all feel nervous and scared. So, dance with your fear and try to have fun. It does get easier every time.

What do you say? Will you try a Facebook Live?

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  1. Lisa Vanderveen June 22, 2017 @ 1:14 am

    Love these suggestions!! I felt exactly like you the first (and only so far!) time I did a FB Live and could even see my face go beet red!!

    I’m grateful for these tips and sure they’ll help my next Live Session go much more smoothly! Thanks!