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Studying History Will Inspire THIS…

Why should we study history? To inspire!

The age-old question that has some fairly standard answers, such as…

  1. So that we don’t repeat it.
  2. To understand the present and shape the future.
  3. Because it is our collective memory.

But I say that we should study history so that we may be inspired to greatness and leadership, willing to serve as vessels for positive change in a beautiful, if somewhat chaotic, world.

While studying history can certainly dishearten us, it can also inspire us. In children, history tends to inspire. It becomes the inspiration for their play as they imagine themselves as the heroes in a desperate and critical moment in time.

History can inspire us to become heroes

Summer is a great time to step outside of the normal routine and sneak in some learning in a fun and adventurous way. My favorite kinds of books are the ones that you can set out on the coffee table or ottoman and the kids just pick up and read on their own (love that!). The Star-Spangled State Book is one such book – fun and engaging while packing a good learning punch.

Check out this book and others in our annual U.S. History Sale going on this week. Ends Friday!

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All U.S. History items on our website are on sale this week ONLY! The sale ends THIS Friday, June 24th, so go check it out now before it’s over. (Sale items are listed below.)

U.S. History Sale

Here’s what’s included in the U.S. History Sale:

  1. Map Trek: US Edition CD-ROM
  2. A Presidential Scrapbook softcover
  3. Star-Spangled State Book softcover
  4. What Really Happened in Colonial Times softcover
  5. 10 ft wall timeline New World 1600-1850
  6. 10 ft wall timeline Modern World 1850-2020
  7. Time Trek: Atlantic Slave Trade (download)
  8. A Journey in Liberty (download)

These are all available individually and as a bundle, if you want to save over 40%. This is always a very popular option.

Enjoy this first week of summer!