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If you're like most of my readers, you're committed to your family and creating the best home life possible. But the truth is, if you've given up one income to homeschool your kids, you may be struggling to make ends meet. That's why I wrote this special report, The 9 Best Business Ideas for Homeschool Moms, in which I help you design the best business to complement your family's goals. There's only one way to get it—by subscribing to my weekly blog updates here:

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FAQ about Mompreneur 101

FAQ About Mompreneur 101

Oh boy! I’ve been getting some amazing questions about Mompreneur 101. I’ll bet that you have entertained some of these questions too, so here’s an FAQ just for you!

Strap on your seat belt and let’s go!

FAQ #1 – “I can’t afford it.”

Wait, what? That’s not a question! 😉 But it should be, so let’s make it a question… “How can I afford it?” Okay, that’s better! Now, I can answer that question and if you put on your creativity hat, you will be able to also. Continue reading FAQ: That’s what they thought too!

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Behind the scenes

How I Manage 5-Figure Launches

Last week, I shared with you the tools that I use to create and manage my launches for new products, courses, and curriculum. I’m no wizard. When I pull back the curtain, you can see that behind the scenes I use ordinary tools that have been proven to deliver predictable results.

Here is my list of tools:

  1. Infusionsoft
  2. LeadPages
  3. Keynote
  4. ATR2100 Mic
  5. Screenflow
  6. Vimeo / Youtube
  7. WebinarJam
  8. Facebook ads

In Part 1, I walked you through how I use the first five tools on the list and I mentioned that of them all, I am especially fond of Leadpages because it delivers great results and cuts my workload in half, at least. Because I love Leadpages so much, I have teamed up with Tim Paige of Leadpages to bring you a special live training on The Conversion Training. I hope you will join us! You can sign up here:

Behind the scenes with Leadpages

We have 3 more tools to cover to finish our list of best tools and best practices. Continue reading Behind the Scenes of a Re-Launch, Part 2

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the paradox

Do you ever feel just a little bit crazy?

It’s no wonder!

You have children to teach, the family to feed, laundry piling up, and if you are an entrepreneur, you also have a business that needs attention or it’s going to shrivel up. There is so much that you need to do on any given day that you may lack focus. And even more so, you may lack clarity. If you don’t know what you are working towards, then how can you possibly know what you should be working on? See previous post for some help.

This, my friend, is the homeschool mompreneur’s paradox – you have a business for the purpose of supporting your family and yet little time to devote to it. You have an incredible idea for how you can serve others and yet lack a clear direction for how to reach your target audience. You have a passion to support, encourage, and inspire others through a business venture and yet lack the funds to get it off the ground.

Would you be surprised to hear that you don’t necessarily need more skills, more money, or more time to start or grow your business? You have been especially gifted to bless the world with your unique gifts and talents. There is just one thing you need:

The roadmap! Continue reading The Paradox – Homeschooling and Running a Business

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your blog or other entrepreneur platform

Webinar 101 for Newbies

Would you like to learn from my mistakes and successes during my most recent webinar? Yesterday, I gave a live webinar for the first time in probably 8 years. I decided it was time to jump back into the game. If you are thinking about hosting a webinar some time in the near future, here are some tips and tricks from a webinar rookie.

5-Steps to Profitable Business

First of all, do your research. There are many webinar software platforms out there now, even though GoToWebinar has yet to be dethroned as the king of them all. Each one has its own unique set of features, and its own problems too.

Here’s what I discovered during my research: Continue reading How a Rookie Can Run an Effective Webinar

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5-Steps to Profitable Business

The Busy, Homeschool Mom’s 5-Step Plan to Running a Highly Profitable and Satisfying Business

Next week, I’ll be offering a free webinar outlining my 5-step plan for running a profitable and satisfying business. I’ll show you how I went from a “hobby” business to a serious mid-six-figure income business and when exactly I hit that inflection point. It might surprise you.

5-Steps to a Profitable Business

Recently, I heard someone say…

“If your business feels like a hobby, you are doing something right. But if you are treating it like a hobby, you are doing something wrong.” – Some guy who stayed at the same bed and breakfast we did last weekend. 🙂

So, if you are ready to stop treating your business like a hobby and to start earning some significant income to help support your family and meet your financial goals, then you will want to tune into this free webinar.

You can sign up here:

Pick the date and time that works best for your schedule and I’ll see you there. I’m looking forward to it! Until then…

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10 day list building challenge

Because email list building still reigns supreme!

In 10 days, the 10-Day List Building Challenge* kicks off and it is looking like it is going to be a great event! You may be wondering who this challenge is for. Let me tell you.

10-Day List Building Challenge

The 10-Day List Building Challenge* is for you if…

  • You are a business owner
  • You are thinking about starting a business
  • You are a writer and/or published author
  • You are a public speaker
  • You are a social media celebrity
  • You are hoping to become a social media celebrity
  • You run a nonprofit organization

Let’s put it this way, if you are the leader of any growing organization or business, you should be growing your tribe. Many people are saying that email is dead, but I beg to differ and here’s why: Continue reading 5 Reasons to Grow Your Email List

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10-Day List Building Challenge

The 10-Day List Building Challenge is here!

I am excited! In this modern era of business online, there is one foundational principle that so many business owners miss… grow your email list. Social media platforms come and go, and with them so do your fans, but the names and email addresses on your own in-house list are yours to keep.

10 Day List Building Challenge

Some say email marketing is dead, and yet, to the contrary, it still works surprisingly well, better than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter combined. That’s why everywhere you look, you still see email sign-up forms on websites all across the Internet. Because if you are going to embrace this key principle of email marketing, you are going to have to make list-building a priority. Continue reading Are You Ready to Grow Your Email List?

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I’ve been thinking that it would be really fun and helpful to run a 7-10 day challenge on one of these two topics:

  • 7 Days to Your Next Product Idea
  • 10 Days to a Solid List Building Strategy

However, I need your input to help me choose what would be most useful at this time. Write “product” or “list” in the comments section below. Or cast your vote in the Facebook group. I’ll announce the challenge topic next week and begin sign-ups.

Ready for a challenge?

Let me know which would be more useful for you. Thank you!

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Grow Your Business by Learning from my Mistakes

As a homeschool mom running a business from home for 15 years as of this June, I have learned some lessons the hard way. I have spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to design a website. I have taken many courses online and off to master difficult software, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. I have set up countless autoresponder sequences, created multiple mobile apps, and tried my best to keep up with all of the social media platforms, especially Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, in order to grow my business.

let me help you grow your business

And what I have learned over the years is this… running a business doesn’t have to be this difficult. In fact, it is easier now more than ever before to employ shortcuts in your business so that you don’t have to figure everything out yourself, nor do you even have to do it all yourself.

While there is no magic pill for overnight success and no method to escape actually doing the work, I have learned some tricks and techniques that can shorten your learning curve, especially in the areas of product creation, marketing, and sales.

Today, I would love to share with you 5 shortcuts especially suited for the homeschool mom who is working hard to grow her business with limited amounts of time. Continue reading 5 Shortcuts to Grow Your Business Rapidly

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5-Steps to Profitable Business

Or maybe your entrepreneurial gene. 🙂

Tell me if you get this. Because I get you. And you’ll know what I’m talking about because you either feel it in your chest or you don’t. Some of us are wired as entrepreneurs. Somewhere deep-down in our very make-up, we possess an entrepreneurial gene or something. That doesn’t mean that all of us who possess this gene are running our own businesses. Yet. But somewhere deep down, we know that we want to. And we also know that we’d probably be really good at it.

Others of us are not wired this way. That’s totally perfect too. My husband calls it the E-mentality. His “E” stands for “employee.” He says he just thinks more like a team member. “Just tell me what to do,” he’s been known to say. However, he hardly ever says those words these days as he is the CEO of Countryside Pet Resort and Spa, a dog boarding, daycare, and grooming facility in our town.

Entrepreneurs. Employees. We totally need each other. One is not better than another. But if you feel that entrepreneurial pull and deep down in your heart of hearts want to pursue the possibility of creating your own business, your own income, your own destiny, then this blog post is for you.

(Side note here: pursuing your entrepreneurial passion is possible whether you start a business now, later, or never. There are reasons why NOW might not be the best time, because of your season of life, temporary circumstances, etc.. However, if the timing is good but you still feel hesitation or awkwardness about exploring an entrepreneurial endeavor, you might want to assess your situation to see if you might be carrying around some excess baggage labeled “unconfidence,” “childhood misconceptions,” or “naysayers” that is weighing you down.)

So, you feel that you might be an entrepreneur at heart, but you don’t even know how to begin to explore the possibilities. Is this you?

Or maybe you have started down the path of business creation, or have even been running one for a while, but feel that you have lost your way, then this is for you too.

5 Steps to Finding Your Entrepreneurial Groove

Continue reading 5 Steps to Finding Your Entrepreneurial Groove

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